24/7Communication joins Crisis Communications Network Europe

24/7Communication, a leading PR agency in Poland, known for its expertise in crisis management and strategic communication, is proud to announce its membership in Crisis Communications Network Europe (CCNE), a established consortium of peer organizations dedicated to navigating crises and restoring trust on a global scale.

The CCNE is a network of European owner-managed agencies with unrivaled expertise in crisis communications, characterized by their national focus and client commitment. The network’s purpose is to enhance the growth and development of its members, agencies, and clients through strong relationships and collaborations.

“At the Crisis Communications Network Europe we firmly believe that society is getting more complex, that our clients’ activities are no longer limited by country borders and that the expectations of communications and agencies or consultancies are higher than ever. We are happy that Poland, represented by 24/7Communication, has joined with its qualitative expertise and experience in an important European market” – says Frank Schroedter from Engel & Zimmermann, one of the founding agencies of CCNE based in Munich, Germany.

By joining forces with CCNE, 24/7Communication aims to enhance its capabilities and provide clients with unparalleled expertise and resources to address crises head-on and safeguard their reputation. “Becoming member of CCNE allows us to leverage our experience  in professional crisis consultancy and collaborate with other industry leaders to deliver innovative solutions that strengthen trust and resilience. Businesses can further benefit from our presence in CCNE – thanks to this coalition, we can support our clients with their potential needs  crisis issue across European market. By combining forces with CCNE, 24/7Communication is poised to drive positive change and elevate the sustainable quality of professional communication when it matters most” – says Dirk Aarts, CEO & Founding Partner of 24/7Communication.

The network nurtures member connections and raises international awareness for clients regarding trends, risks and business opportunities. By organizing inspiring, out-of-the box events CCNE stimulates to explore creative solution driven thinking – a great opportunity for an exchange of ideas and thoughts that will positively enhance the professional support in corporate crisis communication.

“In today’s interconnected world, where crises can emerge at a moment’s notice, effective communication and crisis management are paramount. The current global landscape demands unparalleled levels of preparedness and adaptability in crisis communication. Credibility and engagement are key and CCNE offers continuous and structured learning opportunities in these matters,” Aarts continues.

“Partnerships and long-term collaborations are deeply rooted in our DNA. With society getting more complex, our clients’ activities are no longer limited by country borders,” Aarts explains. Through this alliance, 24/7Communication gains access to a wealth of insights, best practices, and a diverse network of experts, while also contributing its own expertise to support other members. The partnership with CCNE is mutually beneficial, offering all parties unique opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing.