PM • Risk Crisis Change

Gent, Belgium

PM • Risk Crisis Change is an agency based in Belgium specialised in integrated crisis management. We help organisations deal with disruption before, after and during crisis. On an individual level, we make people stronger and more flexible to deal with negative events and situations. Our raison d’être is to make integrated crisis management effective in learning, through consulting and by supporting during disruption. In everything we do, we combine theory and practice: we unite the tales of the trenches with the wisdom of social scientists and spread the word of best practices and innovation within the fields of crisis management throughout the world.

In PM • Risk Crisis Change, our clients find a reliable, knowledgeable and local partner with a proven track-record. Not only do we live and breathe crisis, due to our broad experience we are a one-stop-shop for our clients. No matter the project (emergency management, crisis preparedness, acute crisis support, trainings, exercises, simulations, games, stress management, consulting engagements, etc.), PM is able to advise and support.

PM is active in all sectors. However most of our clients are chemical companies, industrial companies, all kinds of healthcare organisations (from hospitals to elderly care to psychiatric care organisations), insurers and banks, and other service providers. Our frameworks and methodologies can be applied everywhere, at any time.

Providing support for organisations in need is what we do best. The PM team consists of seasoned crisis experts able to shift gears quickly and help our clients in need. However, of course there is much more to a crisis than handling it in the acute phase. Next to our acute crisis consulting capacities, over the years we have built a range of services related to preparing for crisis, recovering from them, learning from them, etc. Our services are rooted in practice, as well as in science, thanks to a decade worth of research activities, a part of PM we are particularly proud of and which in 2020-2021 lead to our own full-fledged research division. From there we develop new high quality and high impact activities for our clients.