Crisis Communications Network Europe

About the Crisis Communications Network Europe

The Crisis Communications Network Europe is a network of European owner-operated communications agencies with unparalleled expertise in crisis communications and known for their national focus and dedication to clients.

At the CCNE we firmly believe that society is getting more complex, that our clients’ activities are no longer limited by country borders and that the expectations of communications and agencies or consultancies are higher than ever.

The network’s purpose is to enhance the growth and development of its members, agencies, and clients through strong relationships. Our goal is to work together on joint projects and undertake initiatives with an international reach.

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Our areas of expertise include:

✔ Crisis communications advice
✔ Crisis communications plans & planning
✔ Crisis communications training and simulations
✔ Crisis communications preparedness activities
✔ Issue management
✔ Public relations & reputation management
✔ Perception analysis & sentiment analysis
✔ Media training & media coaching

Crisis Communications Network Europe CCNE


The Crisis Communications Network Europe has members all across the continent and is growing fast. We highly value our members for their proven track record, specialised knowledge, and diverse contributions to our community of practice.

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Member Benefits

CCNE members have access to numerous benefits, such as:

✔ Access to a broad network of similar agencies
✔ Continuous and structured learning opportunities
✔ Numerous opportunities for business, projects or cases
✔ Stronger negotiation position for international projects
✔ International publicity for the agency and its activities

Crisis Communications Network Europe CCNE

Client Benefits

By leveraging the Crisis Communications Network Europe, our clients benefit from seamless access to a comprehensive network of experienced crisis communications professionals. Our members are in tune with one another, allowing us to provide exceptional support to our international clients with operations or interests throughout Europe.

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