Crisis Communications
Network Europe

The Crisis Communications Network is an association of European owner-managed PR agencies with unrivalled expertise in Crisis Prevention and Communication. As independent agencies we are highly flexible and are able to react immediately to our clients’ needs and where necessary co-ordinate across different jurisdictions in Europe.

Crisis Communications Agencies in Europe

Our clients benefit from this dynamic network of independent PR agencies across Europe. Senior representatives of all our member agencies work closely together, maintaining regular contact and meeting at least once a year to exchange experiences and latest trends in crisis management and to share best practice.

This helps us to anticipate and meet our clients’ needs when a crisis event crosses international borders. At such times, it is essential for a crisis PR expert to have precise knowledge about the relevant country, its culture, and its people’s attitudes– as well as the right media contacts and the native language skills.

We also help prepare clients for crisis events to ensure they are ready for any emergency. As part of our process we offer cross-border workshops, seminars and simulations to help build resilience to crisis events.

  • 1. Integrity

    Our primary objective is to protect our clients’ reputations, but in doing so we always stick to the truth. We believe the best way to serve our clients’ interests is to accept journalists, influencers and the public as equal partners in the conversation. Our commitment to the truth also means that we don’t make promises to our clients that we can’t keep.

  • 2. Knowledge

    Crisis Communication requires a very deep understanding of the relevant media, politicians and influencers. It is also of great importance to understand how the public will react. A storm in one country can be a light breeze in another because of differing cultures.

  • 3. Preparation

    We believe every organization should be aware of its vulnerabilities and should be trained to respond confidently and consistently when challenges arise. The question for many is not “whether” something will happen, but for “when” it does. To that end, we have developed a range of training tools to help clients prepare for – and also prevent – a crisis.

  • 4. Availability

    Time is of the essence in a crisis. Decisions often have to be made and communicated swiftly. The internet and social media make it significantly more difficult to stay ahead of a breaking news story. What is needed is swift and expert advice. Therefore our members are highly responsive to your needs – and always there for you in case of a crisis.