Webinar: How to Prepare for and Deal with Heavy Weather?

heavy weather

Heavy snowfall, hailstones as large as ping-pong balls, sudden flooding, or prolonged periods of heat and drought—these extreme weather events are becoming increasingly common. Not only vacationers, but also governments, businesses, and organizations must prepare for unpredictable weather and severe storms in the coming years.

What are the main meteorological trends experts are warning us about? How can organisations prepare for severe weather? And how can they build the necessary agility and capabilities to switch to crisis mode when disaster strikes?

On September 26, 2024 (2 to 3 PM), our Belgian representative PM • Risk Crisis Change and their partner MeteoSupport will host a free webinar (in Dutch) and share their insights on weather forecasting, crisis management, and crisis communications. They will also provide ample time to answer your questions. Register now for free!