Señor Lobo & Friends Celebrates Its Five-Year Anniversary

This month marks the fifth anniversary of Señor Lobo & Friends. Founded by crisis management and emergency communication experts Luis Serrano and María Luisa Moreo, the agency remains steadfast in its mission to provide clients with maximum security, safeguard their reputation, and drive business growth. Their approach is grounded in solid values, ethical commitment, and a clear corporate purpose.

Over the past five years, Señor Lobo & Friends has advised more than 40 companies across various sectors. These organizations have embraced risk prevention, scenario anticipation, ethical commitment, and transparent crisis management as integral parts of their corporate strategy.

María Luisa Moreo, General Director, states, “The success of Señor Lobo & Friends highlights the importance of creating a specialised crisis communication agency to meet the demand within the industry. Protecting corporate reputation is increasingly crucial in today’s world of constant crisis. Executive committees, including corporate communications directors, recognise its importance for business development. These five years of hard work show we are on the right path.”

Luis Serrano, also General Director, adds, “Having a senior team with over 20 years of experience in corporate crisis management is a significant factor for our clients. It builds a high level of trust in our consultants. Relying on specialists for crisis communication is vital to protecting reputation with greater assurance of success.”

Looking Forward with Optimism

Señor Lobo & Friends continues to advance with new projects focused on training, digitalisation, and strengthening its network within the European crisis communication agencies group, CCNE, which also celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2024.

“These years have brought various stages, and we have learned from each, always striving to improve. We look to the future with optimism and the confidence that comes from consistently prioritising people and values. We intend to continue this path,” affirms Moreo.