Network Governance


All agencies have agreed to a membership charter that delineates the expectations for our members. This charter serves as the cornerstone of our governance framework.

A summary of the charter is available here.

Steering Committee

The CCNE operates through several committees, each led by a committee head who collectively form the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is chaired by Robbert Meulemeester (PM • Risk Crisis Change, Belgium).


📅 Activities Committee

The activities committee organises our yearly meeting as well as workshops, webinars and exchanges.

The activities committee is chaired by Judith Egger-Karlegger (Clavis, Italy). Committee members are Natasha Konstantinova (Reputation Science, Switzerland) and Robbert Meulemeester (PM • Risk Crisis Change, Belgium).

🎨 Brand & Content Committee

The brand & content committee works on the CCNE brand, network communications and content such as articles, surveys, interviews and our ongoing podcast series.

The brand & content committee is chaired by Jack Myers (Alder, UK). Committee members are Ana Maria Gardiner (Lighthouse, Romania), Frank Schroedter and Daniel Metten (Engel & Zimmermann, Germany), Petra Langeveld (Van Hulzen Communicatie, The Netherlands), Sergii Bidenko (Ukraine), Deirdre Waldron (Fuzion, Ireland) and Silvia Senette (Clavis, Italy).

🌍 Membership Expansion Committee

The Membership Expansion Committee focuses on strategically growing the network across Europe at a sustainable pace.

The membership expansion committee is chaired by Stijn Pieters (PM • Risk Crisis Change, Belgium). Committee members are Ana Maria Gardiner (Lighthouse, Romania) and Christian Lemvigh (Corporate Matters, Denmark).

⚒️ Product & Services Development Committee

The Product & Services Development Committee designs and develops the products and services offered by the collective, marketed as “powered by CCNE”.

The product & services development committee is chaired by Anna Twardowska (24/7 Communication, Poland). Committee members are Agata Zeman (24/7 Communications, Poland), Joe MacIntyre (Alder, UK) and Robbert Meulemeester (PM • Risk Crisis Change, Belgium).