Factor Social

Factor Social
Rua Marcos de Assunção nº 6
Escritório 2.07
2805-290 Almada, Portugal

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+351 918 144 996

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Dalila Antunes
+351 962 564 744

About Factor Social

Factor Social is a company specialising in social management. Its team of crisis experts leverages extensive experience in dealing with environmental, social, and health risks. Their expertise primarily comes from social and environmental sciences, with dedicated knowledge in risk management, opinion research, risk perception, risk communication, as well as stress, resilience, and business continuity management. Factor Social supports companies in crisis across all areas, from crisis communication to psychological support for affected individuals.

The primary goal of Factor Social is to enhance corporate and societal resilience to crises. The key approach is prevention, achieved through tailored communication and change processes that take effect before a crisis occurs. This includes heightened risk perception and behavior changes, improved safety culture and practices, and the enhancement of social and human capital.

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