CCNE announces two new members from
the UK and Ireland

Crisis Communication specialists Alder UK (United Kingdom) and Fuzion Communications (Ireland) join the network / Talks with new members from further countries ongoing

September 2019. The Crisis Communications Network Europe (CCNE), founded in May 2019, is pleased to welcome two new members. The British consultancy Alder UK and the Irish agency Fuzion Communications have joined the four founding members. „We are delighted in our clients’ interests that we are able to cover crisis issues in the UK and Ireland with outstanding local partners“, says CCNE spokesperson Matthias Glötzner. „We are also in talks with consultancies from other countries, and will be having personal meetings with them soon so we can start to build good and trusting relationships which are so important to the network’s success.“

About Alder UK –

Alder UK is based in London and specialises in crisis PR and issues management. Its experienced consultants have backgrounds in print and broadcast media and the world of regulation. Its range of services includes crisis planning and prevention, training, and crisis PR.  Owner Tim Toulmin says: „We work very closely with the country’s lawyers and insurance companies on all manner of issues from industrial accidents to product recalls.  Together we have the skills and experience to advise clients on any issue, no matter how unusual, controversial or challenging it seems.“

About Fuzion Communications –

Fuzion Communications is a full-service agency with offices in Dublin and Cork. Owner Deirdre Waldron and her team have worked on many high-profile national and international crises and on other projects where the media crisis never materialised due to strategic planning, internal communications and careful management. „Every organisation needs to be aware of its vulnerabilities and should have a plan in place to deal with a crisis situation should it occur“, says Ms. Waldron. „But a crisis can occur nevertheless, and it doesn’t has to stop at borders. This is why a network like CCNE makes so much sense.“

About CCNE
The CCNE is an association of owner-managed European consulting agencies with proven experience in crisis prevention and communication. The members want to be able to better serve their clients in case of transnational crises. For more information visit