Alder & PM Deliver Crisis Communications Coaching in Malta

In November, Alder (UK) and PM • Risk Crisis Change (Belgium) joined forces in Malta to deliver crisis communications coaching. Tim Toulmin and Jack Myers from Alder, alongside Robbert Meulemeester and Julien Draillard Losada from PM, worked with public administration executives from various European agencies. These agencies selected our UK-Belgian partnership for their expertise in crisis communications and media handling, drawn by the compelling CCNE narrative.

Prior to the Malta session, Jack and Julien conducted one-on-one interviews with participants to gain a deeper understanding of their unique contexts and coaching needs. This approach ensured that the training was tailored and relevant.

The session in Malta commenced with a comprehensive theoretical overview, setting the stage for a lively roundtable discussion. The heart of the day, however, was dedicated to in-depth explorations of key topics, including crisis preparation, acute response strategies, and post-crisis learning. To wrap up the day, participants engaged in a brief simulation exercise, where they applied the day’s lessons to a realistic scenario.

Both our clients and we were highly satisfied with the outcome of the coaching session and the quality of discussions had. We are excited to continue supporting some of the agencies that participated in Malta.

For those interested in enhancing their crisis communication capabilities, CCNE members offer similar coaching tailored to your staff and executives, whether individually or as a collective. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Alder PM crisis communications coaching